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Published Stories

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I am a Role Model.

The story is about how Ryo finds out that role modeling is important to his sister, Coni.


This special edition also comes in box set.  There are tools for mum and dad to bake cookies with kids.  There are also name cards for kids to write their name on, to present themselves as members of Good Role Modeling Team.

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I Only Use Kind Words.

Ryo doesn't realise his words hurt his sister, Myla, until one day, Coni hurts him by using mean words.

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I Behave Myself Even Though No One Is Watching

Landon and Myla do not want to go to bed. They stay up late while
Mommy is not at home...

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Listening is more than hearing

Everyone is excited about the show & tell tonight. Landon cannot wait to share how he made his toy car. Suddenly, he starts losing his excitement...

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Be considerate

Coni is so excited to go camping with her family! What will she need to make this the best adventure ever?

Ryo & Coni storybooks are available in English and Chinese.

Ebooks are also available at Google Play Books.

Upcoming Stories

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Criticism hurts.


Learn from mistakes

My success is also your success. 

I can. We can. 

I am a little leader.

I know when I should say no.

I am with you.

Feeling grateful.

Never give up! 

You are important to me.
...and a lot more!

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