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We are so excited to finally publish our own series of storybooks which focus on character education for children.  We wanted to create an opportunity for children to read stories with their mom and dad while learning positive attitudes and habits.  The content has been created based on Hong Kong’s environment.  The majority of the illustrations and stories are closely related to our daily lives. By reading the stories aloud and discussing the content, parents, and children can relate the values of the story to what's happening around them. We want to tap into each child's imagination and creativity with our innovative stories. 

The quality of time spent together is very important. Children often learn by observing their parent's behaviour, how they handle issues, and their attitude during conversations. They observe these things from their parents and then put them into practice at school.
To develop children with good characters, it is important that we are constantly aware of how we behave.  Also, it’s equally important to let your children feel your genuine love and trust. Being an understanding and forgiving parent that spends time discussing issues happening around them helps with their development.  Therefore, we encourage you to refer to our questions at the end of each story to reinforce your children's understanding.  In our special edition box set, there will be activities for parents and children to do together in order to further strengthen communication and family relationships.


Our stories will be released once a month and will be sent directly to your child.  We are sure each child will look forward to receiving their personal parcel.

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The Ryo & Coni collection is jointly created by Hong Kong Academy of Leadership and Natalie Hui, the illustrator.
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Hong Kong Academy of Leadership

Our mission is to cultivate a community of people, who are inspired to develop their own character strengths to become individual leaders and build effective interpersonal relationships. 

To know more about us, please visit our website:


Natalie Hui


Natalie Hui is an illustrator from Canada specializing in children’s publishing, cultural, and social advocacy-driven projects. She hopes to inspire people of all ages to appreciate the immense variety of colours that surround them. To see more work from Natalie, please visit her website:

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