I am Coni.                                 I am Ryo.

Welcome to our family!

We are a typical happy family in Hong Kong although quite a big one with 7 family members!  All of us look very different from each other.  Our mum and dad are working parents.  They are busy but still spend quality time with us.  Let me introduce you to our family members.




 My dad, Daddy Bear, is a school bus driver.  He takes our my friends and us to school everyday.  He is big and strong.  He is very strong and can take all of us together with his strong arms.  We love him very much!

My mom, Mommy Bunny, is a manager at a big supermarket.  She is a superwoman.  She knows everything about the business and always shares her knowledge with us.  She cooks good food for us but is too busy to cook during weekdays.  She is the greatest mom in the world.

Landon, who is the oldest sibling, is almost as strong as Daddy Bear. He is wonderfully talented and excels in sports and academics.

Myla is tiny but talented. She is the older sister in the family but lacks confidence as she feels she is so different from the rest.

Sean is our elder brother.  He is very active.  He likes reading and exploring new things.

My name is Ryo and I am always a happy boy.  I am good at observing details and have the responsibility to be a good role model for my younger sister, Coni.

 I am Coni.  I am the youngest in the family.  I always stick with Ryo as he is my role model. 

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