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Making Paper Chef Hat For Your Child

What you will need:

White stripe of paper (provided in the box set)

Baking paper (provided in the box set)

Double-sided tape

A pair of scissors

Soft measuring tape


1. Use the soft tape to measure your child's head size in centimeter (cm).  Add 4 cm.  Cut the white stripe of paper according to this measurement.

2. Fold the paper in half along the long side. Cut two pieces of double-sided tape same length as the paper.  Tear off one cover of the double-sided tape.  Stick the double-sided tape inside the paper and along the top and the bottom of the paper.

3. Fold the baking paper like below.  The final width of the baking paper (after folding) will be roughly the same size as the length of the paper stripe.

4. Fold the paper stripe like a pocket and fit the folded baking paper in the pocket. Tear off the remaining cover of the double-sided tape.  Stick the folded baking paper onto one side of the paper and then to the other side of the paper.  Now the baking paper is secured inside the paper.

5. Bring the two ends of the paper and the baking paper together to create a circle. Overlap the ends by a few centimeters and fit one side into the other. Tape the ends. 

6. At the top of the hat, gather the ends of the baking paper and squeeze it into a point. Push the pointed end down into the hat. 

folded baking paper.png
white stripe.png
baking paper inside stripe.png

Recipe - Raccoon Cookies


Unsalted butter  100g

Icing sugar 60g

Egg 45g

Salt 1g

Cake flour 230g

Milk powder 20g

Edible charcoal powder 2g or cocoa powder 10g

Red food coloring


1. Whisk the butter until soft.  Add in icing sugar and salt.  Mix on low speed.

2. Turn to high speed.  Whisk the mixture until white in color.

3. Whisk the egg and add half into the mixture.  Mix it well on high speed.

4. Add the remaining egg to the mixture and mix it well on high speed.

5. Sift cake flour and milk powder into the mixture.  Mix it well with a spatula using a cutting method.  The dough will then look like cotton wool.

6. Knead the dough with clean hands but do not over knead.

7. Split the dough into four parts.  Mix dough A with a little charcoal powder.  (Be careful with handling charcoal powder as it is very light.  It can make your clothes dirty)  Mix dough B with the rest of the charcoal powder to make it darker.  Mix dough C with a tiny drop of red food coloring to make it pink.  Leave dough D (the biggest amount) undyed for the body of your raccoon.

8. Cover the dough separately with plastic wrap.  Roll it into a flat regular sheet about 0.5 cm thick.  Cover the edges well.

9. Freeze the two dough sheet for 30 mins.

11. Preheat the oven to 180 degree Celsius. 

12. Take out the dough sheet from freezer.  Remove one side of the plastic wrap.

13. Dip the mould into cake flour before stamping on the dough sheet.  Make sure the dough sheet is still frozen.  Otherwise, if the dough becomes soft and sticks to the mould, you will have difficulty removing the dough from the mould.

14. When the dough becomes soft.  Knead it back to a dough and roll it to a flat sheet.  Freeze it for 20 mins and repeat step 13.

15. Assemble the cookie to raccoon shape.  Bake the cookies for 12-18 mins.

16. Take out from oven and let it cool. 

raccoon grey.png
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